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About Us

We are a UK based family run fashion store based in north of England. We started Glimmery with a vision of fulfilling women fashion needs without the hefty price tag that comes with big online retailers and high street stores.  

What we offer?

In our market research, we identified that there are not enough online fashion stores offering varied clothing within affordable price range. The stores which offer good range of clothing with inexpensive prices are based offshore somewhere in China or India. Consumers are usually reluctant to buy from these stores due to these major reasons: 

  1. They are unsure of the quality of the product being offered 
  2. Returning the product back to China is expensive and not possible most of the times. 
  3. Almost non-existent customer service 
  4. Additional shipping charges 


We source these products directly from our carefully chosen pool of  manufacturers and suppliers which helps us cutting the middleman and transfer the savings straight to our customers in the form of free shipping and discounted products. 

This also allows us to offer wider selection of clothes which are not available in the UK market through any other vendor. 

We take the risk on behalf of our customers and offer them UK based returns and customer service by offering no quibble 30 days return policy. So for any reason, if they are not happy with their purchase, they can return the product to our UK based address for a refund. 

As a result, our customers can buy these great discounted products from us with confidence and complete peace of mind. 

Our Milestones: 

We have come a long way since we launched our store early this year. We enjoy being in top 3% of the stores launched in the same week as us on Shopify.  

We've managed to make inroads into the fashion industry fairly quickly. We have had 3000% increase in overall revenue within second month of starting our venture. Currently we enjoy 4% conversion rate which is 2.7% higher than industry standard. 

Our Vision: 

We want to position ourselves as a GO TO store for all your fashion needs.  

We will keep working on our commitment to offer highly discounted clothing range by bringing huge array of products across the globe without compromising on our customer service.